Mathematics 4 - 6

by Mansi Agarwal

Live online course for class 4th, 5th & 6th


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What you'll learn


Number System
1. Introduction to 5-Digit and 6-Digit Numbers.
2. Comparing and Ordering Numbers.
3. Roman Numbers.
Number System
1. Large Numbers
2. Roman Numbers
Number System
1. Hindu-Arabic Numerals
2. International System
3. Comparing Whole Numbers
4. Writing Whole Numbers
5. Natural Numbers and Whole Numbers
Addition and Subtraction
1. Addition of Numbers
2. Subtraction of Numbers
Operations on Large Numbers
1. Addition and Subtraction
2. Multiplication and Division
3. Simplification
Sets – 1
1. Concepts and Representation of Sets
2. Operations of Sets
Multiplication and Division
1. Multiplication of Numbers
2. Subtraction of Numbers.
Factors and Multiples
1. Prime Factorisation
2. HCF and LCM
3. Divisibility Rules
Percentage- 1
Factors and Multiples
1. Knowing Factors and Multilples
2. Prime Factorisation
3. HCF and LCM
4. Tests and Divisibility
1. Fractions and their types
2. Conversion and Ordering of Fractions
3. Addition and subtraction of fractions
4. Multiplication and Division of Fractions
Profit, Loss and Discount
1. Fractions and their types
2. Conversion and Ordering Fractions
3. Addition and Subtraction in Fractions
1. Introduction to Decimals
2. Types of Decimals and their Conversion
3. Ordering and Rounding Off
4. Addition and Subtraction of Decimals
5. Multiplication and Division of Decimals
Operations on Integers
1. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of Integers
2. Mixed operations on Integers
1. Introduction to Decimals
2. Compare, Add and Subtract Decimals
Introduction to Percentages Simple Interest
1. Measuring Length
2. Measuring Weight
3. Measuring Capacity
Measurement of Length, Weight and Capacity Factors and Multiples
1. Factors, Multiples, Prime and Composite Numbers
2. Prime Factorisation Method
3. HCF and LCM
1. Lines and Shapes
2. Angles
3. Circle
4. 3-Dimentional Shapes
1. Basic Geometrical Concepts
2. Angles
3. Quadrilaterals and their types
4. Triangles and their types
5. Circle
6. Nets
1. Decimal Fraction
2. Comparing Decimal Numbers
3. Operations on Decimal Numbers
  Symmetry and Paterns
1. Symmetrical Shapes
2. Patterns and Tessellation
The Integers
1. Introducing Integers
2. Integers on A Number Line
  Perimeter and Area Algebraic Expression
1. Using Variables
2. Introduction of Algebraic Expression
  Volume and Capacity Operation of Algebraic Expression
1. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of Algebraic Expression
  Profit and Loss, Unitary Method and Average Linear Equation in One Variable
1. Forming and Solving Simple Equation
  Time and Temperature Powers and Roots
1. Introduction to Exponential Form
2. Squares and Cubes
  Mapping and Scales of Map Ratio and Proportion
1. Ratio
2. Comparing Ratio
3. Proportion
  Data Handling
1. Representation of Data
Basic Geometrical Concepts
1. Types of Fractions
2. Conversion on Fractions
3. Operations of Fractions
    Parallel Lines and Transversal
    Practical Geometry – 1
1. Construction of Lines and Angles
2. Construction of Perpendicular and Parallel Lines
    Triangle – 1
1. Properties of Triangle
2. Construction of triangles
    Linear Symmetry
    Perimeter and Area of Plane Figures
    Volume and Surface Area of Cube and Cuboids
    Statistics – 1
1. Bar Graphs
2. Pie Graphs
3. Line Graphs



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