Mathematics 7 - 9


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What you'll learn


Number Systems
1. Properties of Operations on Whole Numbers
Factors and Multiples
1. Factors and Multiples
2. Divisibility Test
3. H.C.F (G.C.D) and L.C.M
Rational and Irrational Numbers, Surds
1. Introduction to Integers
2. Properties of Addition and Subtraction of Integer
3. Properties of Multiplication and Division of Integer
Set Concepts Profit, Loss and Discounts
1. Profit and Loss
2. Marked Price and Discounts
Introduction to Set Concepts Number system – 1
1. Whole Numbers, Integers and Rational Numbers
2. Properties of Operation on Rational Numbers
3. Density Property of Rational Numbers
4. Rational Numbers on Number Line
5. Real Number System
6. Irrational Number
7. Rationalisation
Compound Interest
1. Amount: Rate of Interest Same
2. Amount: Rate of Interest Changes
Operations on Sets and Venn Diagrams Square and Square Roots Expansion
1. Expansions Using Square Identities
2. Expansions Using Square Identities
HCF and LCM of Numbers Decimal – 1
1. Decimal Numbers
2. Operations on Decimals
3. Decimals and Fractions
4. H.C.F and L.C.M of Decimals
1. Factorisation of Polynomials
2. Factorisation: Split the Middle Term
3. Factorisation using the Square and Cubic Identities
Introduction and Operations on Decimal Numbers Cubes and Cube Roots Changing the Subject of the Formula
1. Concept of Formulae
1. Introduction to Fractions
2. Operations on Fractions and Word Problems
Percentage Increase and Decrease Linear Equations and Simultaneous Equations
1. Solving Linear Equations
2. Substitution and Elimination Method
Powers and Roots
1. Introduction to Powers
2. Squares and Square Roots
3. Cubes and Cube Roots
Profit, Loss and Discount Problems Indices
1. Laws of Exponents
2. Simplification of Exponents
Ratio and Proportion Simple and Compound Interest Logarithms
1. Concept of Logarithms and Applications
2. Logarithms
Unitary Method and its Applications Ration and Proportion
1. Ratio of Quantities
2. Direct Proportion
3. Indirect Proportion
Triangles and its Properties
1. Problems on Percentage
2. Profit and Loss
3. Discounts
4. Simple interest
Time and Distance Congruent Triangles
1. Congruence Criteria: SAS and ASA
2. Congruence Criteria: SSS and RHS
Introduction and Operations on Algebraic Expressions Unitary Method and its Applications
1. Time and work
2. Pipes and Cisterns
Properties of Isosceles Triangles
Frequency Distribution and Mean Fundamental Concepts and Operations
1. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of Polynomials
Inequalities in A Triangle
Problems on Perimeter and Area Algebraic Identities
1. Product of Two Binomials
2. Squaring A Binomial and trinomial
Construction of Triangle
Introduction and Laws of Exponents Factorisation
1. Factorisation by Grouping Terms
2. Factorising Trinomial
Mid-Point Theorem
1. Mid-point Theorem
2. Basic Proportionality Theorem
3. Division of a Line Segment
Special Products (Some Special Identities)
1. Introduction to Identities
Simplification of Algebraic Expression
1. HCF and LCM of Polynomials
2. Operations on Algebraic Fraction
1. Concept of Similarity
2.  Criteria of Similar Triangles
Linear Equations in One Variable
1. Solving Simple Equations and Word problems
Concept of Formula Pythagoras Theorem
1. Introduction to Graphs
2. Graphs of a Linear Equation
Laws of Exponents Rectilinear Figures
1. Polygons
2. Quadrilaterals
3. Parallelograms: Basic and Diagonal Properties
Volume and Surface area of Solids
1. Surface Area and Volume of Cube and Cuboid
Linear Equation
1. Linear Equation in One Variable
2. Applications of Linear Equations
3. Simultaneous Linear Equations
Construction of Quadrilaterals
1. Construction of Quadrilaterals and Parallelograms
2. Construction of Trapezium, Regular Polygons and Triangles
Basic Geometrical Concepts – Lines and Angles Solving of Simultaneous Equation Area Theorems
1. Concept of Area of Region
2. Area of Parallelograms and Triangles
Applications and Conditions of Congruence of Triangles Application of Simultaneous Equations Statistics: Grouping and Tabulation of Data
Properties of Parallel Lines Linear Graphs
1. Graphical Representation
2. Graphical Solution
Mean and Median of Ungrouped Data
1. Arithmetic Mean and Median
2. Graphical Representation of Data
1. Polygons and Their Classification
2. Types of Quadrilateral
3. Construction of Rectangles and Squares
Quadratic Equations Mensuration I
1. Perimeter and Area of Plane Figures
2. Area of Quadrilaterals
3. Areas of Combination of Figures
4. Area of Perimeter of Circle
5. Area of Sectors
Basic Constructions Linear Inequations
1. Solution set of an Inequality on a Number Line
2. Solving Combined Inequalities
Mensuration II
1. Surface Area of a Cube and Cuboid
2. Volume of Cube and Cuboid
3. Surface Area of Cylinder
4. Volume of a Cylinder
1. Classification and Properties of Triangles
2. Construction of Triangles
Representation of A Relation and Function Trigonometry
1. Trigonometric Ratio
2. Trigonometric Ratios of Standard Angles
3. Complementary Angle Relations
Introduction to Circles Basic Concept of Geometry
1. Types of Angles
2. Parallel Lines
Coordinate Geometry – I
1. Cartesian Plane
2. Graphical Representation
3. Straight Lines
Graphical Representation of Data
1. Bar Graphs, Line Graphs and Pie Charts
1. Classification of Triangles
2. Angle Sum Property of a Triangle
3. Pythagoras Theorem
4. Triangle-Inequality Properties
5. Congruence of Triangle
Line Symmetry Special Types of Quadrilateral
1. Properties of a Parallelogram
2. Quadrilaterals
3. Polygons
Factorization of Algebraic Expressions Construction of Special Types of Quadrilaterals
1. Construction of Quadrilaterals
2. Construction on Rectangles and Squares
3. Construction of Parallelogram and Rhombus
Simplification of Algebraic Expression Some Theorems on Area
1. Area of Parallelogram and Triangles
Distance, time and Speed Cord and Angle Properties of a Circle  
Finding Average Constructions
1. Basic Construction
2. Construction on Triangles and Circles
Farming a Formula Line Symmetry, Reflection and Rotation  
Linear Equations
1. Solving In-equations
Area of Rectilinear Figures
1. Area and Perimeter of Quadrilaterals
2. Area of Triangle
Relations and Mapping
1. Ordered Pairs and Relations
Circumference and Area of Circle  
Coordinate Geometry – Introduction to Reflection Volume and Surface area of Solids
1. Volume of Cube and Cuboid
2. Surface Area of a Cube and Cuboid
Introduction to Rotation Data Handling
1. Frequency Distribution
2. Arithmetic Mean
3. Grouped Frequency Distribution
4. Median and Mode
5. Bar Graphs and Histograms