Physics 9 - 10


Live online course for class 9th & 10th


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1 hours

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10 hours


What you'll learn


Estimation and Units of Length, Volume, Time and Mass Force
1. Types and Effects of Force
2. Moment of a Force
3. Uniform Circular Motion
4. Newton’s Law of Motion
1. Presentation of Data and Classification of Physical Quantities
Work, Energy and Power
1. Energy Sources
2. Principle of Conservation of Energy
3. Work, Energy and Power
4. Different forms of Energy
Motion in One Dimension
1. Physical Quantities Related to Motion
2. Graphical representation on Linear Motion
3. Equation on Motion
1. Machines and levers
2. Inclined Plane and Gear
3. Pulley
Laws of Motion
1. Newton’s First Law of Motion and Inertia
2. Linear Momentum and Newton’s Second Law of Motion
3. Newton’s Third Law of Motion
4. Gravitation
Refraction of Light at Plane Surfaces
1. Refraction of Light
2. Refraction through glass block and Prism
3. Total internal Refraction
4. Applications of Refraction of Light
Pressure in Fluids and Atmospheric Pressure Refraction Through a Lens
1. Refraction through Lens
2. Power and Magnification of a Lens
3. Image Formation in Lens
Upthrust in Fluids and Archimedes’ Principle Spectrum
1. Electromagnetic Spectrum
2. Deviation Dispersion through Prism
3. Scattering of Light
Floatation and Relative Density
1. Floatation
2. Relative Density
3. Hydrometer and Lactometer
1. Free, Damped and Forced Vibrations
2. Characteristics of Sound
3. Sound Waves
1. Thermal Expansion of Solids and Liquids
2. Temperature Scales
Current Electricity
1. Current and Voltage
2. Ohm’s Law
3. Electro-motive Force, Potential Difference and Resistance
Transfer of Heat
1. Conduction
2. Convection
3. Radiation on Heat
Electrical Power and Household Circuits
1. Household Wiring System
2. Essential components of Wiring System
3. Electrical Energy and Power
Energy Flow and Conversation of Resources
1. Energy Flow and its Importance
2. Resources and their Conservation
1. Magnetic Effect of Electric Current
2. Lorentz Force
3. Electromagnetic Induction and its Applications
Reflection of Light at a Plane Surface
1. Reflection of Light
2. Images Formed in a Pair of Mirrors
1. Specific Heat Capacity
2. Change of Phase
3. Latent Heat
4. Greenhouse effect and Global Worming
Spherical Mirrors and its Image Formation Thermionic Emission and Radioactivity
Propagation of Sound Waves
1. Production and Propagation of Sound Waves
2. Speed of Sound
Static Electricity
1. Static Charges
2. Sparking and Lightning
Current Electricity
1. Electric Current
2. Potential Difference and Resistance
1. Magnetic Properties
2. Magnetic Field of Earth